Tuesday, June 9, 2020

OKR with leankboard.com


Why to share and keep on web your OKR dashboard?


Well, once you learn the basics concepts of the OKR framework, you undestand that one of the key features needed to scale your business or your organization is "transparency",  that said, you get transparency when everyone can watch how is everything and specially talking about OkR, how the whole organization at enterprise, portfolio or team level is not just planning strategic objetives else executing them in order to complete whole management cycles, so the one thing necessary to do this is an online tool that can be accesible for the team members, the managers,  and  the stakeholders so work, discussion, change and management can ocur.

What are the main advantage of an OKR dashboard on leankboard.com?


For the free users, a dashboard is created with a predefined OKR template that have the main sections generally used for start defining OKRs, but if you need to customize it, due to is based on Kanboard opensouce, you can manage columns to customize it to your needs, although the leankboard design is in generall a good start.

For the payed users, you get an admin account and 25 normal users, at a rate of less than $3 dollars,  doing calculates this is like 26 users for only $3 monthly, you get by more or less $0.10  per user a month, so its very cheap the payed version , with the advantage of have an admin profile that can apply all the features Kanboard offers, so you can easily manage private and public dashboard, duplicate templates easily, also you can share more collaborative an realistic than in the free version. 

So you can simple give an account to your team users or even to a customer or a sponsor to show how your startup became to be validated and sustainable and also is ready to get funds.

So it's cheap, is digital, is shareable, collaborative, easy to use and have all the web apps advantages to keep online your objetive key results on a digital dashboard.

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